7 ways happy employees make happy customers

@Smurfit Kappa Drogenbos we work together with our customers to make visibility and IMPACT for their products and brands. Through our experience in the dynamic point of sale world, we observe the ripple effect that our positive work environment has on customers. Which contributes to a customer satisfaction rate close to 100%.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the (symbiotic) relationship between employee and customer satisfaction in 7 ways.


    Positive work environments cultivate open communication. Which makes everyone more comfortable when expressing themselves, both within the team and when interacting with customers. Clear and effective communication is one of the if not the most important aspect towards understanding and meeting both the customer and employee needs.


    When you as an employee are more satisfied, you also tend to be more engaged, focused and committed to delivering results. This elevates the quality of your work to another level which in turn will be appreciated by your clients.



    If you’re content you’re more likely to approach challenges with a constructive and pro-active mindset. It’s easier to reach a ‘flow-state’ which enhances and directs your problem-solving abilities. This enables coming up with creative and fitting solutions to customer issues.

    This point is very important for our enterprise, because in the complex world of point of sale & displays we’re facing new challenges every day. We’re thankful to have solution-oriented employees that have a mindset ready to face those challenges.


    Happy employees feel empowered and trusted by their employers. This empowerment translates into a greater sense of responsibility and ownership in their roles. Empowered employees with a constructive mindset are more likely to take initiative to ensure customer satisfaction and contribute ideas for improvement, knowing that their contributions are valued and recognized.



    A workplace that encourages innovation and values employee input will not only have a satisfied staff but also continuously evolve to meet changing customer needs. This adaptability and flexible approach help everything move forward and elevates the general quality of your product and customer service.


    Loyal employees have a positive impact on customer relationships. When staff turnover is low, customers interact with familiar faces, leading to a sense of stability and reliability. Happy employees stay, which reduces disruptions in service and increases trust in your company.



    Employees are natural brand ambassadors. Their enthusiasm for their work translates into positive word-of-mouth marketing. They are more likely to recommend their workplace to friends and family, and this positive reputation directly influences how customers perceive and trust your brand.

The concept of empowering employees and building strong customer relationships reinforces the importance of working together to create a thriving internal culture that puts its people first.

Satisfied employees

  • showcase professionalism and agility,
  • are effective at problem-solving,
  • communicate clearly
  • and are motivated brand ambassadors

All of which contribute to an exceptional customer service!

These principles not only advocate for employee and customer satisfaction but also align with Smurfit Kappa Drogenbos’ IMPACT-values, our foundation for sustainable success.

If you want to be one of our happy employees or customers, contact us here.