5 reasons why teamwork makes the dream work

A well-executed team-effort transcends the individual effort, each and every time.  Read more below!


    Within a team every individual has its own tasks and specialty. This allows complex tasks to be done with more speed, efficiency and accuracy. In addition, doing things together causes less stress, which in turn leads to less mistakes.

    The result: a rise in productivity and profitability!


    Working together in synergy has a few direct benefits.

    When one of the teammates is stuck, other teammates help with getting back on track. A positive team-spirit keeps people from falling behind; everyone depends on each other’s output.

    Every problem has multiple solutions. Teamwork can help with looking at a certain situation from different perspectives. That’s why the collective intelligence of a specialized team can exponentially increase the pace of problem solution. It takes team-spirit to take calculated risks!

    When you combine this with open communication and honest feedback, the road to success is paved. But watch out: from a certain team-size, discussions become less fruitful, and sometimes less than fruitful….



    A team-effort transcends the individual, it’s an opportunity to learn from each other and create strong working relationships. When honesty and mutual respect are encouraged, team members are motivated and happier.

    The result: A team with open communication and a friendly competitive spirit without judging each other.


    In 1907, Francis Galton asked 787 villagers to guess the weight of an ox. None of them got the right answer, but when Galton averaged their guesses, he arrived at a near perfect estimate (‘the wisdom of crowds’, James Surowiecki).

    Together we have the potential to be more efficient and accurate than even the most knowledgeable and intelligent individuals!



    It’s a relief to have a team has your back during difficult times. Team members can share a busy workload and lend a listening ear. Giving each other a pat on the back and sharing the joy of overcoming difficult hurdles can significantly improve well-being at work. Which, in turn, is good for every aspect of your job.