How to create effective Point Of Sale design in 3 steps

While beautiful Point Of Sale (POS)-materials can be eye-catching, the design can also distract from your marketing message or products. Your audience can only focus on one thing at a time…

So, how can you make sure that your point of sale style has substance, and your point of sale substance has style?

Let’s discuss this from three perspectives:


    The first step towards a well crafted marketing-message and POS-design: specifying your target audience. What are they looking for? What do they need?

    A helpful tool to use is the creation of ‘persona’s‘. Persona’s describe the different attributes (like age, gender,…) and character traits of your audience in the form of a “real” person. You can make as many persona’s as you want.


    Now you can use your target audience to filter your ideas and craft a perfect point of sale campaign where the message and design are working together towards the same result.

    Here are some helpful questions we (@Smurfit Kappa Display) ask ourselves: Does the message speak to the audience on a personal level? What are you helping them with? Does it spark their imagination and curiosity?



    It’s important to leave no stone unturned during the planning of your project and put every detail in the context of your audience. Not only “what”, but also “why”.

    A clear plan will help you to convince your stakeholders and have a motivated team that knows what they’re doing.

    The result: POS-materials of the highest quality!


    You first determine your target audience by creating Persona’s.

    Your target audience will be the common denominator between your designs and message.

    This allows you to craft a clear plan that will help your point of sale campaigns reach new heights!