AI, marketing and displays: Our data-driven approach

We @Smurfit Kappa Drogenbos are part of the worldwide Smurfit Kappa network. Smurfit Kappa conducts worldwide research to understand shopper behaviour in every context. We use this expertise to help our clients with their marketing and sales goals.

Here’s how we do it:


    Shopper behaviour data is gathered by our specialized Experience Centers and completed by other trusted sources and partners. We have 25 experience centers spread all over the world!

    An experience center is a simulation of the store-environment with built-in (eye) tracking and camera technology. Through these environments and with the support of consumer panels, it’s possible to accurately test for different store-situations and POS materials.

    The result: a large pool of reliable and relevant data!


    By analysing the data we’re able to thoroughly understand the shoppers’ behaviour and extrapolate relevant data for every shopper and store situation. And we have a very helpful tool at our disposal…



    Thanks to AI, visualizing shopper behaviour data will happen in the blink of an eye. If only you as an observer could see the data from the right angle… Seemingly unrelated parameters (e.g. buying of shampoo and buying of cookies) could turn out to have a meaningful impact on each other. No stone unturned!

    AI will be a great aid for making predictions based on current data and its past trends. It can quickly detect anomalies in shopping behaviour so we can figure out why they occur.

    In short: Our analysts will reach deeper data-insights and in turn broaden our understanding of retail shopper behaviour.

    The future is now!


    An in-store promotion with cardboard POS materials

    How many percent of price reductions give the optimal rise in sales in relation to your profit margin?

    Which demographic and timeframe would be best for your promotions?

    Where should your promotional material be located inside of the shop?

    Drawing attention to a new product

    Which impact has each display element on memorability and customer-retention?

    Where do shoppers look when they buy a product from POS materials and which impact does this have on your sales-targets?

    How can you promote your products and brands equally, so they both are connected in the shopper’s mind?


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